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Ganked from devildoll and eukarya

This post by devildoll http://devildoll.livejournal.com/750924.html?page=2&view=6789452#comments
Has the graphics of the new Mary Jane statuette being done by Sideshow Toys for Marvel.

Now, I'll wait here for a minute while you go look at it.

*taps foot*

Done? Good.

Now, could someone please tell me what in the fucking holy fuck they think they're doing with this? For the love of all that's...

Sorry, I had to stop for a second and stave off an aneurysm.

Really, honestly, I have no fucking words. She's wearing low-rise jeans, a boobie-licious shirt and PEARLS (yes, we get your very clever Beavis and Butthead-like "in" joke there), to do laundry. BAREFOOT!!! Do I even have to dissect the myriad of ways in which this is just fucked up?

And really, going to the forum I ganked from Eukarya below isn't going to help your incipient stroke. Not in the least.

Thanks to Eukarya you can comment to Sideshow Toys.

And DevilDoll was nice enough to provide us with Sideshow's contact info:

Sideshow Collectibles
2630 Conejo Spectrum Street
Thousand Oaks, CA 91320
toll-free: 1-800-474-3746
ph: 1-805-214-2100
fx: 1-805-214-2190

And Marvel's: (click on the link)

I think maybe its time we quit taking this bullshit laying down. Letter writing campaigns anyone?
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