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Why is it so hard to figure out?


Its an article about how comics are trying to hook women and girls. But instead of just, oh I don't know, NOT being sexist pigs, they've decided to create girl-safe comics imprints like Minx.

Ok, guys, just a second. Some of us LIKE superhero comics. Some of us like them enough to keep reading them even when certain things about them make us want to shake the artists and writers like trailer babies.

Really, is it going to hurt your sales so much if you just draw female heroes with believable dimensions who don't look like they're just waiting for the next available cock to float by? If you think so you vastly undervalue and underestimate the majority of your fans.

And I thought *I* was misanthropic. Even I realize that men do not do ALL their thinking with the little head. For the love of all the Gods, no wonder you can't write a 3-dimensional being, you don't believe they exist in real life either.

I like looking at pretty things as much as the next red-blooded, hormone-driven American bisexual girl, but if they don't engage my brain, I lose interest quickly.

Now, I'm not saying that the comics on the Minx imprint, and their ilk, won't be good. I won't know that until I read them. But I do know that some pre-existing comics are already pretty good in spite of the sexist bullshit that makes me and other girls/women want to scream. And I happen to like explosions and beat downs and killin's and hard gritty drama.
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